Transformer face-tattoo guy amuses, creeps out Muni riders

Photo by mrtruffle (not the person depicted in this post)

From the sounds of these tweets, he’s either the actual World’s Most Interesting Man, or just your average dime store jerk. Who are we to decide?

First, Muni rider Shelby caught our eye:

Then, friend of Muni Diaries, Katie, chimed in:

Muni rider Jay can’t believe it:

And face-tattoo guy treated @herzan0 to some stories:

Delightful. Have you been privy to this guy?


  • Dustin

    If this is the same guy (almost certain it is), he’s extremely vile against gays. He was on the L one day and started going off about how perverted gays are, how everyone that supports gays are going to hell, etc. He was saying some really awful, degrading stuff as the rest of the train told him to shut up. It was not cute.

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