Researchers Say Muni Beats the Giants as Top Twitter Topic in SF

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A new social analysis company researched Twitter data and found that San Franciscans love tweeting about…you guessed it…Muni. I hate to say “I told you so” but our Twitter followers don’t lie! The study found that #SFMuni and #Muni are the most popular hashtags from people tweeting in San Francisco, beating out #sfgiants by a long shot.

The company also researched Twitter-happy New Yorkers and found that, in New York they’re mostly busy tweeting about the weather while we sunbath in Dolores Park.

Top 15 local hashtags for San Francisco from the study:

1. #sfmuni
2. #muni
3. #sfbeerweek
4. #sf
5. #crunchies
6. #swobma
7. #goldengatebridge
8. #sm4np
9. #bart
10. #tahoe
11. #sanfrancisco
12. #patue
13. #bayarea
14. #sfglive
15. #sfgiants

How was the study done? Details from Mashable:

London-based social analysis company Peerindex took a look at the tweets of a pretty substantial test group from both cities — 1.6 million people living in New York and San Francisco — for the 30 days leading up to March 5. Between them, the subject group tweeted an average 2.8 million times a day.

To narrow down what they were tweeting about, Peerindex looked at the hashtags they used, then discarded any that were tweeted less than 500 times. Spam-like hashtags, such as contests, were also discarded. Eventually, each city ended up with a list of hashtags in order of their “local score” — meaning that hashtag was that many times more likely to show up in that city.

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