Best Missed Connection With Douchebag on the Train

Photo by Steve Rhodes

Some dude walks up to a woman on the train, tells her that she needs to lose weight, then exits the train. The poor woman starts to cry. Then a fellow passenger wrote the most scathing, best Missed Connection verbal beat-down of all time!

This happened on the T in Boston, but I can see any Muni rider writing the this too.

To the shitstain who made a woman cry on the T – w4m – 30 (Stony Brook T Station)

You got up right before the Stony Brook stop and said something in a low voice to the woman next to you. You exited the train and she burst into tears. I asked her what you said—-and in between sobs she goes, “he said ‘Have some respect for yourself and lose some weight’

Oh shit, you said that to a complete fucking stranger, an innocent person trying to read a book on her ride home!!! Yeah dog, you sure did, and then you turned heel and walked off like the miserable coward you are.

You publicly humiliated another human and made her cry. How truly fucking horrifying of you. She was totally stunned, and devastated. . .is that what you wanted to see happen? Are you that much of a nightmare that you are PLEASED by making people cry? Total strangers even? I don’t think I can fully express to you what an absolute skidmark you are, but here goes:

You: blond, slicked hair, hipsterish. You manage to be both tasteless and sanctimonious, and something tells me you brag about loving Bukowski even though you only made it 80 pages deep into Women. You definitely think you’re smarter than everyone, and you love reflective surfaces.”

The excellent thrashing continues, and you can read the rest on Jezebel.


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