Google Bus protest, April Fools’ joke, or both?

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 3.07.26 PM

April 1 is probably not the best day to stage a political protest, especially if you’re going to be wearing unitards. Muni rider @Jessica sent over the photo above, in which people dressed in oddly colorful unitards and “GMuni” yoga balls blocked a Google bus in the Mission.

From Mission Local:

Acrobats led by an activist posing as a “GMuni Director” and wearing faux-Google glasses, distributed GMuni passes to others who tried but failed to board the Google bus at 24th and Valencia streets.

“This is a pilot program to see if we can use our custom bus service to provide free rides to all the people of San Francisco,” said the activist dressed as the GMuni director who called herself Judy Card.

May we be a little boring and suggest spending less money on branded unitards and yoga balls and more money lobbying the city for, you know, actual change?

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