The 5 Best Things That Happened at Muni Diaries Live

Photo by Troy Holden

We’re only a day away from the next Muni Diaries Live, and here are five of our favorite things that happened at our past shows.

1. When Tara DeMoulin surprised us with a Muni sea shanty.

2. When an audience storyteller lead the entire Elbo Room in a Rice-a-Roni sing-along.

Muni Diaries Live 9  audience storytellers

3. When Mahsa the one-woman band/mime and girlfriend Elyse retold their story of how they met on Muni, in kill-me cute Dr. Seuss-like rhyme. Then Mahsa covered Prince’s “Kiss” while Elyse broke out into twirl.

4. When Isaac Fitzgerald demonstrated why skateboarding in cowboy boots is a terrible idea.

isaac by breanna

5. When writer Anna Pulley politely thrashed her opponent with a killer haiku about poop.

anna pulley at muni diaries live 9

Upon Learning that Pee and Poop Clogged the Civic Center BART Escalators
When it comes to feces,
San Francisco will always
be number 2!

What best things will happen Saturday? Only one way to find out!

Join your fellow Muni riders for a night of stories that can only happen on Muni! Muni Diaries Live is back tomorrow. Get advance tickets here.

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