Traffic Control Romance

market street san francisco
Photo by mingz chong

Reader D. saw a cute gesture the other day when she ran into an SFMTA employee directing traffic.

The other day as I was crossing the street at 4th and Market I saw one of the traffic control officers carrying a bouquet of yellow roses. As she carried them to her scooter vehicle (Scorpion?) she had a HUGE smile on her face.

I kidded her by asking, “Is a bouquet of flowers standard SFMTA equipment?” While still smiling she explained that some anonymous admirer had them delivered to her as she directed pedestrians and vehicles at that particular intersection.

I told her to check for a card and sure enough there was! She had to get back to performing her duties so I didn’t stick around to see just what was written.

But I’m glad I was there at the right time to witness a rather charming romantic gesture.

Aw. Happy Monday to you too, D.

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