SFMTA Approves Free Sunday Parking But May Raise Cash Fare by 25 Cents

muni fare gate

SFMTA approved a two-year budget that might result in an increase in Muni fares but allows drivers to park for free again. The free Sunday meters means that the agency is giving up about $11 million in annual revenue, reports SFGate.

The panel voted unanimously to scrap Sunday parking charges, setting up another showdown at the Board of Supervisors when it considers the MTA budget. The members also voted to prioritize expanded service to low-income seniors and youths, banking on some of a $15 million surplus the agency has, and delayed some planned fare increases.

More about those fare increases via the Examiner:

The transit agency’s approved two-year budget also calls for a Muni single-trip fare increase of a quarter to $2.25, a 10 percent boost in service systemwide and expanding the free Muni for low- and moderate-income youth into a permanent program that includes 18-year-olds. These and a bevy of other changes will go into effect July 1, pending approval by the Board of Supervisors. The budget is set to increase to $943.2 million next fiscal year and $962.6 million the following year.


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