Muni rider falls, injures herself on the bus floor

30 muni by analogskirt
Photo by analogskirt

Muni rider Chandra saw a rider fall so badly that she was knocked unconscious. Here’s Chandra’s story.

“It happened this Tuesday on the 1-California Muni line at about 2:30 p.m. The bus was headed up Sacramento Street toward Divisadero in the medical neighborhood. I was on my way to a medical appointment on this sunny day, dreaming and enjoying watching the street. A seat was empty next to the left of me. Maybe she was about to sit down. The bus was stopped at about midway between the Embarcadero and Divisadero, as I was gazing out the window on my right.

“Then the bus lurched forward, simultaneously I sensed a shadow fly faster than a bat. CRACK! I heard as the shadow shot faster than a bullet, a heavy, sickeningly fast BAM!

“At first I couldn’t look. I heard someone close to my feet say, ‘She has a pulse, but just barely. She cracked her head bad.’

“Two medics arrived in turquoise scrubs. She looked like she was trying to gain consciousness, maybe seizing, hopefully not dying. She was Asian, perhaps 50, well-dressed. I asked if anyone had called 911 emergency. At first, everyone in shock, no one answered. The bus driver said, ‘I’m handling it, I’m calling Central Headquarters.’ I asked again if anyone had called 911. Finally a lady behind me said her husband had called emergency, and that help was on the way. I thanked the medics at my feet. I began to cry, quietly. Then the bus-driver told us all to get off the bus. I begged the medics to stay by the woman’s side until the ambulance came.

“I wonder: Why weren’t we kept there as witnesses to an accident? Why did we all comply, getting off the bus, when the driver responsible for the accident was the one ordering us away? Did she live? How much damage was there?”

Do you know anything about terrible-sounding incident? We of course hope the woman is okay. Careful out there, you guys!


  • jen

    Horrifying……………..What a tragedy for that poor woman *and* for all of you that witnessed this.Now, this is what AMAZES me about Muni ( and infuriates). I have witnessed more medical incidents while on Muni than I care to mention and every single time the drivers call Central Headquarters before calling 911. Every time. I finally asked why and they said that it is “protocol”. I can understand the notion of “rules are rules”, but I firmly believe that there is a time to use common sense and this is definitely one of them. Jesus H., folks.

  • Dexter Wong

    Let me see, the 1 runs on Sacramento between Drumm and Steiner, then switches to California for the run to 32ND Ave. Divisadero is midway between Presidio and Steiner, so the accident occurred on California between Steiner and Divisadero, but no one is sure how the woman fell down?

  • Mugato3000

    Good thing Muni has decided to lock the front seats forcing even more people to stand. Muni, you are the worst! The WORST!!!

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