Because skateboarding on Muni tracks is risky business


This skater done hitched a ride on a Muni light-rail vehicle. Crazily, this isn’t our first such Muni daredevil sighting: In 2011, we posted about this cyclist who couldn’t be bothered with the Muni right-of-way and the hill it bypasses on the J-Church line.

Says Muni rider K L, “Today only! #SFMuni offering free rides to thrill-seekers. #girlpower #SF”


  • Dexter Wong

    That’s nothing new! Muni Diaries has published a number of people taking their lives into their own hands by riding the coupler. It’s just an updating of the old method of “nipping the fender” (riding the raised device that scoops up fallen pedestrians when lowered on the old-style cars of long-ago).

  • D.


  • Leo Villacorte via Facebook

    This became popular to do in the 80’s when the old Boeing LRV’s came out….it’s nothing new really

  • Jan girl

    Is that one of the 7 dwarves aka Dummy

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