Mayor’s Car Found Parked in Muni Zone

mayor lee car muni zone
Photo via David Black on Streetsblog SF

Mayor Lee’s car was seen parked in the Muni zone while he stepped out to grab a bite in Diamond Heights, Streetsblog SF reports.

David Black sent in photos of the car, as well as a Muni bus which pulled up to the stop and was forced to load riders away from the curb. Luckily, no Muni passengers in wheelchairs were unable to board due to the situation. Black said that Lee, and several people who appeared to be staffers, waited in line behind him at the taqueria.

The police officer who drives the Chevy Volt for the mayo “will be admonished,” the Mayor’s Office told Streetsblog.

For future reference Mr. Mayor, La Corneta Taqueria, which is the restaurant where the mayor and his staff were seen standing in line, is easily accessible by BART.

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