• My website, TransSee, has several features to help you tell if a Nextbus prediction may be wrong.

    You can show the scheduled travel time for the vehicle to from where it is to your stop.

    You can show how ahead or behind schedule it is which, in Toronto, is a strong indicator that the vehicle may short turn.

    You can see vicinity maps at terminals to see exactly where the vehicle is in the loop which can help you tell when a vehicle may actually depart.

    It also shows the location of vehicle that are off route if there a diversion.

    Most of these features are off by default and have to be enabled in the settings.

  • Ye I saw this there yesterday going inbound.

  • Mark Gabel via Facebook

    Saw that! But I think regular riders already know that NextMuni arrival times for Metro are a joke…

  • Dexter Wong

    A true luddite would have a paper schedule and guess at when the actual arrival time occurs.

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