BART map from ye not-too-distant dayes


Funny how the recent past can look so dang old. Full-size image here.

BART rider Charles sent this relic. Here’s what he had to say:

This is a severely beaten BART map found at Powell, circa late ’90s-early 2000s, as it still shows extensions to Baypoint and Dublin still under construction. I spotted this not too long ago, though I think the only reason that it was around was that they seemed to be changing all the advertisements in the station that night. I’m not entirely sure on that though, so it may still be up there. I wonder whether any French tourists got confused.

Easy answer: Yes, tourists are confused. Hella.

This reminds me of how, every time we’re at Powell, Tara looks for the super-secret door that used to lead up to Woolworth’s.


  • Dexter Wong

    Oh yes! Over forty years time the entrances to Powell St. BART have certainly changed. (And I do remember being able to cross Market St. underground by entering Woolworth, going down to the basement, entering the BART station but just crossing over to Emporium and coming up there. Also entering at Stockton and Ellis and coming up at 5th and Market. It was OK until the homeless started sleeping there.) Also exits to Yerba Buena Gardens never opened because plans changed in the meantime leaving no way to access the the area from BART.

  • Brian Ed Boies via Facebook

    Why don’t they show the parks on the map anymore?

  • I loved BART when I first moved to Oakland from THE CITY 4 years ago…apparently EVERYONE else decided to do move to the east bay too. We may need the BART diaries very soon!

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