The End of an Era: No more carpets on BART


There are no more carpets on BART, unless you bring one with you, but you’re not that weird, are you? Why are you weird?

BART announced today that it has now fully finished removing those last vestiges of past nastiness: carpets along the floors of its trains EW EW EW.

Congrats, BART! This is worth celebrating and spilling alcoholic beverages on the floor, then simply wiping that mess up with a cloth. Hip-hip, hooray!

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Leggy ice cream sandwich sculptures wait for BART


Because of course they do.

BART rider and artist Camila Valdez left these sculptures in the Civic Center Station recently. I’m wondering how those people standing by not looking can resist.

From her biography:

Her sculptures are inspired by the secret esthetics of everyday products. Objects, in this case desserts, express their feelings to Camila through their colors, shapes and styles. She says “If a Cupcake is good looking eyecandy, it says come and get me!”


Photo by Camila

No BART to the East Bay This Weekend

bay bridge by jlotto415

Going to the East Bay this weekend? Don’t try to take BART there. In case you missed all the posted signs at BART stations (and here), BART is closing transay train service this weekend to repair tracks near the Transbay tube, so plan on taking AC Transit or the ferry if you must get out of the city. The West Oakland station will be closed and trains will not run between West Oakland and Embarcadero.


BART will offer lifeline bus service between 19th Street in Oakland and the Temporary Transbay Terminal in San Francisco, but the buses are intended only for those who have no other options. The buses will carry customers from 19th Street Station in Oakland to the Temporary Transbay Terminal in San Francisco (a 2 block walk to the Embarcadero Station) or from there back to the East Bay. There will be no additional charge for the bus. The bus bridge will cause 1 to 2 hour delays for some customers.

Accommodations will be available for people with disabilities.

There will be some shuttle buses from West Oakland Station, which will be closed, to the 19th Street Station for West Oakland area residents only. These shuttles will pick up and drop off during BART operating hours and will be on 15 minute headways, departing both sides (West Oakland and 19th Street) at quarter hours. No fares will be collected on this neighborhood shuttle for West Oakland residents. We are not able to keep West Oakland Station open during this work because we can not easily turn trains around from that station. With only two tracks, there would be very significant delays in the East Bay if we attempted to run trains through West Oakland during the work.

Service will resume August 3. BART plans another closure to repair the tracks over Labor Day weekend.

Photo by jlotto415.

A PETicure on BART


We’ll let this transit nail polishing slide. A girl’s got to look good, amirite?

Via BART rider AJ: “So apparently this is happening on BART today.”

BART Staycation: Richmond Waterfront


It’s easy to forget that BART, that same workhorse train that takes you to your daily grind, can also take you so far away from it; that in the same amount of time as it takes to get to work, you can instead go someplace utterly serene. Enter: Richmond.

Richmond’s dreamy, nearly private waterfront was once one of the country’s most prolific shipyards. Now it has the feel of a sleepy little beach town, the kind that invites you to linger over a glass of rosé and watch sailboats drift out to sea. But that’s not nearly all it has to offer.

The recipe for the perfect daycation is equal parts natural, cultural, and fun. With that in mind, here is your perfect day in Richmond.

Take the Richmond train to Richmond, then board AC Transit bus #74 toward Marina Bay all the way to the end of the line.