Super Bowl Dogs on Muni and BART


Okay, confession: We don’t run this site because we love public transit and how it’s the place so many of our lives intersect, how it’s a great San Francisco shared experience, or sometimes, how it’s just plain funny AF. No, we started Muni Diaries because we love dogs. Plain and simple. We love dogs.

Now that that’s established, let’s take a look at some of the visiting dogs who are here for Super Bowl security. We’ll start with Gera, a beautiful TSA K9 seen above on a BART platform. Good girl, Gera!

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BART unveils new sleeper car


BART really needs to revisit its slogan. It’s not always “BART, and you’re there.” It’s often “BART, and you are lulled to sleep by the stress and activities of your day coupled with the sound and feel of the train’s wheels on the rail tracks, you sleep deeply, miss your stop, and then you’re … well, there.” Just not the there you wanted.

Hey, at least he’s not blocking the entrance/exit to the train?

h/t BART rider L.C.

BART now goes to Florida, SoCal


Or so Universal Studios would have you believe. Or, upon closer inspection, this looks like a BART train in the worst disguise in the world—as a Golden Gate Transit … train?

The ride is called Earthquake in California and Disaster in Florida. Thanks for the distinction, Universal!

Devin got a wee bit obsessed on a recent visit down south. The following are his dispatches.

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BART as appliance delivery vehicle


We’ve all been there. We need new appliances, but we’re all, “Cool, but HOW DO I GET THIS THING HOME?” Good question, dear consumer.

The answer, of course, more times than not, is to rent a dolly and wheel the damn thing home yourself on public transit. That’s what elevators are for, silly!

BART rider Anthony tipped us off to this one. But then, pretty much everyone started sharing photos, like this one from Viral Images:


So, there’s your answer.

Video: How do the Harlem Globetrotters get to their practice? BART, and you’re there

BART rider and friend of Muni Diaries Sara had the ride of a lifetime today. The Harlem Globetrotters, in town for a series of games starting tomorrow through the following weekend, boarded her BART train and, what else, started the damn show (see the video above).

I think I hear one of them saying, ” … nobody cares.” C’mon guys, show a little love. It’s the Harlem Freakin’ Globetrotters, for cryin’ out loud.

We all wish we could be so lucky …

FYI, here’s info on the Globetrotters’ games in the area over the next couple of weeks. If you haven’t seen them before, think about it. Ticket available here.

Harlem Globetrotters at SAP Center at San Jose
San Jose, California
Friday, January 15, 2016 at 7:30pm

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New BART signs: Easier to read, kinda ’80s-looking

new bart font

BART’s new signage started popping up at Civic Center Station a couple of weeks ago. Have you seen it? The new signs larger and easier to read, but the font looks a little ’80s to typography geeks. Do you agree?

In the photo above from, the sign on the top is the old version which is still in use in many stations. The font on the new sign, below its predecessor, is a slightly different color and larger—actually, 38 percent larger than the old signs, according to BART.

BART also says the old signs were installed in 2000 and the bulbs were starting to break, and that the new signs have a higher resolution and higher contrast. In the next three to four months, BART will add the new signage to Powell, Montgomery, and Embarcadero Stations.

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