Another measles scare for BART riders


Just what we all needed to hear: People are still contracting measles and still spreading it on public transit in the Bay Area.

The latest possible contagion, reported this afternoon on SFGate, involves a Peninsula passenger who rode BART from Millbrae to SF last week. According to SFGate:

“The exposure is the second time this month that a person with measles rode BART, prompting a campaign to alert riders to possible exposure. In the most recent case, the individual got on a Richmond-bound train at the Millbrae Station at about 4:30 p.m. on Feb. 20 and got off at the Civic Center Station about 5 p.m.”

Two weeks ago, we told you about the first measles scare for BART riders, as well as some choice rider responses. What do you guys have for us this time?

Read the whole story on SFGate.

Photo by Daniel Parks

Josh Ellingson returns with new BART illustrations


Rad artist and all-around-good-guy Josh Ellingson was recently contracted to do new illustrations that will be featured inside BART trains.

“The campaign is called “Thank You BART Riders,” and it spotlights a different station and highlights its uniqueness in the system. If you’re in the Bay Area, you should start seeing these aboard the trains sometime in early Spring.”


In 2010, Josh’s illustrations showed up in BART stations as part of the “First Ride” series.

See the other illustrations in the new series over at Josh’s website. And follow Josh on Facebook and Twitter.

On the go this Ash Wednesday? Priests at Millbrae Station have got your back


Some days, it’s hard enough just to get to work on time wearing clean clothes. Apparently well aware of that reality, two priests from a Burlingame church were on hand at the Millbrae BART station this morning dispensing “ashes to go” to commuters for the first day of Lent. Pretty clever, we think.

Wait, they’re not asking believers to give up BART, are they? no. can. do.

h/t First Presbyterian Church of Burlingame

Couple who met on BART celebrate 15 years of marriage

Anna and Dentrick McNorton met on BART 19 years ago and got married a few years later, proving that budding romance, alongside measles and rage over bike-related rule breaks, can also incubate on those trains.

Their story reminds us of friends of Muni Diaries Nick and Lisa, who also had a chance encounter on BART. They even incorporated BART blue into the wedding design!

Congratulations, you crazy kids.