More about San Francisco’s Subway Master Plan


Remember when the news about the Board of Supervisors passing the Subway Master Plan broke? That … that was awesome.

Now, on the heels of that news, the always-handy Muniverse digs into four projects already at least in the study phase that the SMP will affect now that it has been passed.

By far, the biggest project (for the region) will be a Second Transbay BART Tube and a new line through San Francisco. BART is still in the early stages of planning, but there’s one particular corridor that seems to be gaining traction and included in presentations. Under this setup, the second Transbay Tube would cross the bay from Alameda to San Francisco, landing around AT&T park and running under Second or Third to Market Street.

Other systems/projects that will benefit from the new plan are: the Caltrain/High-Speed Rail, an M-Ocean View/Park Merced extension and maybe-subway, and the T-Third/Central Subway extension to Fisherman’s Wharf. Read the rest of Muniverse’s post about the Subway Master Plan for more details.

Image by Muniverse/Jamison Wieser

SFGate’s 10 types of BART driver: Can you name more?


If you’ve taken BART 10 different times, you’ve probably already won BART Driver Bingo. Today on SFGate, 10 different types of BART operator are exposed. Here’s a sample:

  1. THE PUBLIC SHAMER We all saw the commuter jam onto the train with her bike. There’s no need to go on a minute-long rant about the woman in the third car who almost took the train out of service for everyone else. We got it. She got it. Please let us ride the train without tension lingering in the air.
  2. THE PLACATER “If you’re trying to squish onto this train, there’s another SFO train directly behind this one.” No, driver. That train is 10 minutes away. That is not “directly behind,” and it will be even more full than this one. Stop trying to trick us!
  3. THE MUMBLER Uh oh, the train has stopped in the Transbay Tube. Better take out your headphones and listen to the announcement. Ah yes, it sounds like we’re experiencing hisssss hissss train shhhh delay. Did anyone catch that? No? Hopefully it’s not a real problem…

To read the full list, visit SFGate: The 10 types of drivers you get on BART.

One type that I would add: THE ALMOST-BUT-NOT-QUITE-ER You know the one—can’t quite get the train to line up with those black squares on the platform. Takes way too long to open the doors after pulling into the station.

If you’ve got any archetypal BART operators not yet named, share with the group!

Photo by Adam McLane

Left behind on BART


I always wanted to work at Six Flags when I was a kid. It wasn’t the roller coasters that attracted me—I scrounged up enough for a season pass every summer from about age 11–15, so I was good. No, I always wanted a front-row seat to all the crap people left behind.

SFGate talked with BART officials to see what people leave on trains.

“We get everything from teeth to wheelchairs to prosthetic limbs,” said BART Manager of Transportation Tera Hankins. “Pretty much anything someone could lose, we see it.”

Can you imagine your friend showing up to the party, and you’re all, “Hey, nice to see you. Where’s your leg, dude?”

Here’s a partial list of things people have left on Muni buses and trains:

Lost on Muni: Wallet, computer, blue teddy bear
Wallet Lost, Wallet Returned!
Muni driver returns lost briefcase
Pants, Check: Lost and Found on Muni
Be Mime: Lost Wallet on Muni Leads to Love

Read the rest of the SFGate post here.

Photo by Russell Mondy

Q: When will BART escalators be back in service?


A: (see above) When hell freezes over.

Which got me thinking: Man, when hell really does freeze over, hella things will happen at once. I hope I live to see that day.

h/t BART rider 27suns: “Montgomery BART station escalator – clearly a rider has estimated completion time accurately. LOL”