Check Out BART’s New Train Cars at Justin Herman Plaza Today

new bart train
photo by @ashleybsnyder

BART’s new train cars are on display today at Justin Herman Plaza from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. You can swing by to take a look at the new design, which is slated to go into service in 2017, according to the SF Appeal. Take a virtual tour yourself in this video captured by Oakland Tribune’s @Tyska.

BART says that the new train cars have a couple of new features:

Quieter: “micro-plug” doors will help seal out noise
Cooler: cooling systems will distribute air directly to the ceilings, making it more comfortable for standees on hot days
Comfortable: padded seats will have lumbar support and will be covered with wipeable fabric for ease of cleaning
Easy to use: routes will be color coded like the BART system map, and next stop information will be readily available via automated announcements and digital screens

In another video by @Tyska, people in wheelchair test out the new BART car design.

BART multi-tasker is seriously connected


Listening to your iPhone while wearing Google Glass … because you can never have too much technology attached to your head at one time. In all honesty, though, I was a bit surprised he didn’t smack me. I was drunk and could not shut up about his eyewear.

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Video: BART Operator Shares Story on Scatology

BART operator Kelly Beardsley has had many odd jobs in his life, but we’re pretty sure that driving a BART train is probably the quirkiest of them all. Here he is at Muni Diaries Live last year telling a story about a disturbing and hilarious behind-the-scenes tale from the driver’s seat.

Kelly will return to the stage Muni Diaries Live this Saturday with another insider story on the insanity that can only happen on public transit.

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BART is about to get slower, you guys

Photo by TJ Gehling

New safety procedures put in place after the death of two BART maintenance workers last year have already brought the system’s on-time rate down. And things are about to get even worse for riders. Matier and Ross have the details:

Operators were also required either to slow down to 27 mph or bring their trains to a halt until work is complete, depending on the circumstances. In some cases, trains in both directions are switched to a single track, allowing them to be rerouted around job sites.

Those safety measures, according to BART, have caused the district’s overall on-time service to decline in recent months from 94.4 percent to 92.1 percent.

“It doesn’t seem like a lot … but riders are feeling it,” says BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost.

And the delays are likely to get worse.

New state and federal regulations set to become effective this May will “mean longer and more frequent train delays,” according to BART officials.

And here I was under the impression that it was Muni’s job to be slow.

So, safety=good; longer waits=bad?

Read the entire M&R post on SFGate and let us know your thoughts in comments below.