How Does SF Stack Up in FiveThirtyEight’s Transit Study?

Map by Reuben Fischer-Baum via FiveThirtyEight

The data wizards at combed through lots of transit data across cities in the United States to see how cities stack up in transit use. At first glance, San Francisco was No. 2 (uh…appropriately?) in transit trips per resident, ranking our public transit system the second most used in the United States, right behind New York City.

FiveThirtyEight’s Reuben Fischer-Baum asks, “Do certain regions tend to support better public transit, or is this just a product of city size and density?” When he separated the maps of large cities against smaller cities, the answer might surprise you. Go to FiveThirtyEight’s story to see which small city actually ranked first in transit quality.

Related: Earlier this year, Walk Score rated SF’s public transit poop number two as well. A trend emerges!

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