Muni and its assorted cast of characters

Photo by ajoh213

A couple of them even have lead roles as Muni drivers!

  • “Holy moly guacamole, look at this crowd! How am I gonna fit them? Meow!” – my N-Judah driver at Carl & Cole #munidiaries
  • Optimus prime just gave me and @megan77 a ride home disguised as the 1 California #bestmunidriverever
  • guy on the 38 playing Kanye on his phone and rapping/singing along clearly did not get enough attention as a child. #SFMuni
  • Just watched two strangers clink their bottles of liquor together. I think I just had my 38-Geary moment.
  • To the woman eating the full Thanksgiving meal on the #sfmuni: STOP.

This week’s Things on Muni is brought to you by @goldfine, @katstounding, @ImekaSF, @claysmalley, @Chinaeg. Sing it loudly to @munidiaries.

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