Sloshed on Muni: Keeping tabs on live cargo

We love your photos, your videos, and your tweets. But going back to our roots with a good old-fashioned story-story still gives us the warm fuzzies.

James, 71, spends his mornings in retirement walking around San Francisco and then takes Muni home. Here’s James with a sloshy, delightful tale from the 29:

I caught the 29-Sunset early afternoon at 25th & Clement about six months ago for my destination near San Francisco State University. Boarding the bus was a very inebriated man carrying a very large plastic snack jar, which contained water (half full) and three very large, live frogs. The individual sat directly behind the driver. As the bus drove, this individual’s jar was sloshing a lot and he was having trouble sitting up. Two girls on the bus were laughing and asked the man if he could show them one of his frogs. The man took one of the frogs out, waving it in front of the girls who were squealing. The frog got loose and started hopping down the aisle of the bus. At this point, the man placed the jar on the seat beside him and started to weave down the aisle, caught the frog, and returned it to the jar on his seat. He departed the bus several stops later. An unforgettable scene.

Early-afternoon drunkles, pets gone awry, and connecting with strangers; this Muni story really sums it up, doesn’t it?

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Pic by Natalie McNear on Flickr

The Sounds of Muni


Nope, not talking about the sounds that the buses make. This is more a symphony that we bring to our commutes. Using headphones to drown out what’s happening right in front of us. Having someone bust into song spontaneously. The good, the bad. You know the drill.

  • Guy on bus says to girl next to me: “let’s pretend I was your next boyfriend.” Headphone volume: up 5 notches.
  • Got on #SFMuni, accidentally made eye contact with old man. He started singing Wizard of Oz at me.
  • While #SFMuni installs a new bus shelter in #NoeValley, I’m blasting out The Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” to get in the mood
  • ppl the J is not ur personal office where u can take speakerphone calls during ur ride to work!

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Photo by Jim Maurer

Oh, the things people do and say on Muni


My favorite way to talk about odd shit that happens on Muni is to pass it off as though it were totally normal. Apparently, I am not alone in this:

  • This man gives zero fux. Farts, keeps his leg up🙊 I’m trapped in a corner w terrible ventilation
  • That moment when you’re hungry, and someone gets on the bus w/ 🍕. Can I have a slice or two?
  • That moment the dude next to you is in the process of breaking up with his g/f on the phone. #munidiaries
  • I love when people talk about their jail time and legal strategies on #SFMuni.

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Photo by Lynn Friedman

Muni moments to inspire us all


Sometimes on your way, between points A and B, you see things that make you grateful to be alive. Here are some examples:

  • There are a couple of kids singing “We are the World” on the 5 Muni this morning. What year did I wake up in?
  • saw one rider offer another some hand sanitizer to clean his hands. There is hope!
  • on 14x listening to a play by play of the @BurgerKing menu in the cathartic cadence of a baseball announcer. #haveityourway
  • dude next to me on #SFMuni negotiating drug deal without a care in the world. Whatever it’s probly a legal deal anyway.
  • I love that two little girls on the bus are playing a hand clap game right now

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Photo by torbakhopper

With a little help from my friends on Muni


Sometimes taking the bus is just a good reality check that even strangers have your back. Here are a couple of people bringing the real world to you on Muni:

  • Super nice guy on #SFMuni pointed out MAC pop up shop as we passed cuz he noticed I was putting on MAC makeup. What a doll
  • Guy leaning into the 71: “Everyone on this bus needs to quit their job and freak out.” O.o
  • All it takes is one #SFMuni ride to raise your level of compassion or to erase it completely.
  • OH on #SFMuni: an older woman asking people, “can you give me some advice? What should I do for the rest of my life?”

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Photo by Insa Keilbach

‘Only on Muni’ head-scratchers


Sure, there’s a lot of weird shit you see on Muni every day. But in a separate class all by themselves are the one-offs, the things you might experience only once, but things that will leave you scratching your head and saying (out loud or to yourself), “Only on Muni, man.” Indeed.

  • these senior citizens on Muni look like they’re about to punch each other. “Why don’t you shut up,” said the bearded one
  • I don’t even know where I’m going. I got on muni and I don’t wanna get off because I’m lazy to get up.
  • On #SFMuni this morning I witnessed a really intense selfie photo-shoot…
  • This 70+ year-old guy just walked on MUNI with a huge boner tent. Good for him.
  • Saw a smashed burrito on the floor of the 45. Poured out some imaginary salsa for the fallen homie. #RIP

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Photo by David Lytle

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