At the intersection of ‘the nerve’ and Muni

Photo by Imelda

We’re especially perplexed by the nurse and her sneeze. But also: Hello Kitty perfume?!?

  • Really, girl next to me? NOW is the time to apply your Hello Kitty perfume??
  • Someone’s talking on a flip phone on the train. A FLIP PHONE! What’s next, manual pinball?
  • When you walk on #muni and it smells as if everyone is carrying 32 lbs of high-grade cannabis. Each. #munidiaries
  • People who FaceTime their boo in bed on muni…
  • On #sfmuni and saw a #nurse sneeze into her hand and then grab one of the poles. #REALLY?! #gross

This week’s Things on Muni is brought to you by fellow Muni riders @amarar05, @davidbicha, @theporktornado, @photoberg, and @Spectre124. Get up on @munidiaries today!

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