How Not to Make a Three-Point Turn

Photo by Gary via Muni rider Deb

UPDATE: Photog and submitter say this was a training bus: Double oof, if so.

In all fairness, it is really, really hard to make a three-point turn in the city.

Muni rider Deb shared this photo by Gary on the Muni Diaries Facebook page. Oof, right on the busy corner of Stockton and Columbus, too, where I wouldn’t even want to drive a Smart car, much less an articulated bus.

Apparently, after a couple more tries (blocking traffic all the while), the bus driver finally was able to get out of the way without taking down the tree or the building. No word on whether his or her pride was intact.


  • *We don’t *know* that this was an attempt at a three-point turn. We do know this is probably not the intended outcome, though.

  • Steven Bj Chiu via Facebook

    From Columbus Street to Stockton Street?

  • Mikesonn via Facebook

    I’d recommend straight on Stockton, left on Union, left on Columbus, slight right on Stockton. But what do I know?

  • Claudia Stevens via Facebook

    i give the driver credit for Not abandoning ship! I thought this turn is illegal?

  • Claudia Stevens via Facebook

    Additionally I wouldn’t even parallel park in the city, don’t want to see pictures of me in: you call this parking?

  • Austin Scott via Facebook

    The unmentioned thing in the post was that it was a Training Coach!! lol!!

  • Jeff Hunt via Facebook

    You can’t make an omelette without … never mind.

  • Rick

    Yep – we just need to continue to buy longer buses, narrow streets, put in more bulbouts and parklets, more high density housing – then we’ll all walk like SFMTA and SPUR wants – an ideal city for the young and healthy and rich. Screw the elderly and disabled. The poor and middle class isn’t an issue, they will be gentrified out by then.

  • Jerms Lin via Facebook

    Can’t do that if it’s an electric trolley coach.

  • Dexter Wong

    It’s a question of balancing passenger capacity with available drivers when articulated buses are used. A busy city needs ways of moving a lot of people around that doesn’t involve one person at a time (the common auto). I imagine Rick doesn’t ride Muni much because of his comment.

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