‘Only on Muni’ award nominees

Photo by Daniel Hoherd

Some things really seem like they only happen on transit vehicles here in San Francisco. And here are some notable moments from the recent past …

  • Nothing says Friday like a 7 ft tall homeless man screaming about “time monsters” while shooting a toy ray gun. #sfmuni
  • Woman using a snotty tissue to hold the bus rail #zomg #cantgetmoredisgusting
  • OH on the J: Guy1:”If you didn’t see the Liberty Bell, what did you do in Philly?” Guy 2:”Picked up pretty boys, had sex.”
  • Man w/NY accent screaming into flip phone about someone who shouldn’t have first bought things at Target and Costco. #sfmuni
  • Chick in front on me on this #SFMuni #38 really feeling herself. Keeps making kissy faces at her own reflection

This week’s Things on Muni is brought to you by fellow Muni riders @carsonbell, @emflannery1, @dhmspector, @jocelynslai, and @EricShins. Share your Only on Muni findings @munidiaries.

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