Because some things happen ‘Only on Muni’

Photo by Julia Wolf

Muni Diaries is all about celebrating (and lamenting) life on Muni. To that end, we’re giving away two front-row seats to Muni Diaries Live on Nov. 8. All you have to do is tag your Muni tweets #OnlyonMuni for a chance to win.

This week’s entries include:

  • A woman was singing TLC’s ‘Creep’ at the top of her lungs (Great song choice btw), then spit her mouthwash on floor. #OnlyonMuni #sf
  • There’s a guy literally spinning yarn from raw wool fiber with a drop spindle on the 1 California right now. #OnlyonMuni
  • The most tattooed individual I have ever seen was a septuagenarian on the 38L #OnlyOnMuni
  • Fact: You can’t ride the 8BX and not see a tall can of Steel Reserve. #onlyonmuni
  • Sitting behind guy on #sfmuni I think he shaved his head this morning and forgot to wipe off excess shaving cream #OnlyonMuni

Those delicious slices of Muni life are brought to you by @ariananicolay, ‏@VerifyInField, ‏@salazar_jillian, @michaelhines_1, and @4fifteen. Drop yours into the pile over at @munidiaries, and don’t forget to include the hashtag #OnlyonMuni!

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