Know Your Transit Issues on Today’s Ballot

Photo by Takashi Hososhima

Heading to the polls today? We should hope so! There are three transit-related measures on today’s ballot. How did you vote on these?

Prop A: San Francisco Transportation and Road Improvement Bond. ballot text
StreetsblogSF on A: “A promising step toward building out the safe, reliable networks for transit, walking, and biking that San Franciscans need.”

San Francisco Chronicle on A: “If you ride Muni — a category that includes just about everyone — then the idea of better service should interest you. This measure would spend $500 million to dent a $10 billion-plus backlog of improvements. The bond measure has money for street repaving, repair yard upgrades, and more transit and bicycle lanes.”

Prop B: Adjusting Transportation Funding for Population Growth (ballot text)
Streetsblog SF on B: “If passed, Wiener’s charter amendment would allocate an estimated $22 million to transportation in fiscal year 2015-2016, with 75 percent dedicated to Muni and the rest dedicated to bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements.”

San Francisco Chronicle on Prop B: “Ballot-box budgeting is generally a bad idea, and this one falls in that category. It directs $22 million per year to Muni based on population growth, but it doesn’t specify a source of funding. ”

Prop L: Policy Regarding Transportation Priorities (ballot text)

Streetsblog SF on Prop L: “We may never know why Sean Parker decided to pour tens of thousands of dollars into Proposition L, a measure crafted and funded by Republicans who want to enshrine 20th-century car-centric policies in San Francisco. ”

San Francisco Chronicle on Prop L: “Frustrated motorists have a chance to vent their unhappiness with driving in San Francisco. But that’s about all this measure will do along with deepening the battle lines over using the city’s crowded streets.”

How did you vote today?

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