Muni moments that (almost) make it all worth it

Photo by Israel.

It’s no secret. Muni Diaries exists because we believe in the entertainment and joy that can be gleaned from an otherwise mundane (at best) or frustrating (at worst) experience. To wit:

  • Little girl ~6 yo parodying Muni “please hold on” saying “hold on for what?” to the tune of a popular inappropriate song
  • Our #SFMuni driver sounds like Barry White, which is awesome considering how short she is.
  • guy at #SFmuni stop doing extremely precise liquid dance to headphones music in a storefront reflection, and it’s very good
  • Dude next to me has @PopeyesChicken on the bus and IT SMELLS SO GOOD. #sfmuni
  • “You gotta wait til you 40 to date, then date 3 years, then get married.” advice from dude on #SFMuni while on the phone

If those tweets don’t force the corners of your mouth up just a little bit, we cannot help you.

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