New band name: Needles on the Bus


Man, I wish I could take credit for that band name. Sadly, I cannot take credit for that band name.

Muni rider Revo, on the other hand, can take credit for that band name: “New Band Name: Needles on the Bus. (Inspired by true events) #sfmuni #dirty8”


  • A Vuncular

    With a theme song based on “Master of the House” from Le Miz.

    • Dexter Wong

      All right, based on your cue, here goes:

      Needles on the bus, what a sight to see,
      Could there be a tetanus shot in store for me,
      Needles on the bus, a junkie’s castoff there,
      It’s leaving me gasping for air.
      What an ugly companion, makes me always want to look twice,
      To make sure I don’t stuck twice!

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