Bus powered by human poop is a reality


A bus powered by human waste is up and running in the U.K., says Mashable. How, you ask? The bus is powered by biomethane gas, which is made from human waste. And in case you wonder if poop-powered bus might smell like poop (or just smell like how Muni usually does), Mashable says that the biomethane gas actually doesn’t smell much like anything.

From Mashable:

The “Bio-Bus” seats 40 passengers and can travel up to 186 miles on one tank of the smelly stuff. The amount of biomethane gas it takes to produce one tank is roughly how much is produced annually by five people. The bus currently travels between Bristol Airport and Bath city center.

If you’re worried about the bus smelling like poop — which, let’s be honest, most buses already do — you can calm down. Impurities are removed to create “virtually odorless” emissions. The gas itself is stored in tanks on the roof of the bus.

Well, we know that most of you have smelled (or even seen) poop on the bus – could this be our future? Or maybe on BART, because we know where to find poop on BART!

Photo via Wessex Water/Rex/Associated Press


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