“Don’t sit there”: Five things to be thankful for on Muni


As we give our thanks and sit down to our feast of choices, it’s really the little things that I’m thankful for as a Muni rider.

1. A friendly warning to weird substances on the seat. Aw, look at this friendly Post-It note on a Muni seat to warn you away from questionable liquid on the seat (rule number one: it’s not water.) Photo via @3nsnared_in_the_brambl3 on Instagram.

2. Cute animals riding the bus. Aw, a kitty in a shopping basket on Muni? How can you resist? Thanks @tashahasfun for spotting this cutie.

cat on muni by tashahasfun

3. Getting the bus all to yourself. Those rare times when you’re the only passenger on the bus. It’s like your own $2.25 chariot.

empty bus cburg319
Photo via @cburg319

4. When the bus driver waits an extra second for you as you sprint up the block. Makes my day every time.

bw muni on market chrisdav1d
Photo by @chrisdav1d

5. People yelling “Back Door” for fellow riders. It’s a San Francisco tradition, really.

muni riders by jtwg
Photo by @jtwg.


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