A case against umbrellas, on Muni and other places

Artist Dan Bransfield created this adorable animated short about why umbrellas are terrible: they poke you in the eye, drip water on your shoes, and always seem to get left behind. Muni even makes a cameo in the animated short film about why umbrellas are especially terrible on the bus. Dan also shows off his own rain-proof solution.

By the way, Dan makes another amusing print about San Francisco’s ever-so-fickle weather. Will somebody get me this print and a waterproof hoodie, please?

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  • Dexter Wong

    I used a yellow rain slicker when I was a child, then graduated to a tan trench coat in my teens. I paired that with a waterproof rain hat. It kept off the rain in most cases. (I am also proficient with an umbrella, the main thing is to point the umbrella into the wind so it won’t invert.)

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