Weird stuff people say on Muni

Photo by Lynn Friedman

Remember #lifebeforethestorm? Yeah, I didn’t think you would. There was this thing called no rain. It was strange and wonderful. Somehow, we all survived it.

But enough reminiscing. Onward to the most remarkable Muni moments of the week!

  • According to these baby hipsters, weighing 140lbs is chunky. Acceptable weight is 95lbs. #sfmuni
  • Overheard on #muni “Your hiney is breathtaking”
  • Two elderly gentlemen arguing over who is older to win a seat.
  • I love this #sfmuni driver he’s whistling “I lost my poor meatball”
  • “Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream” -Dude on the F Line, thinking he found some money on the streetcar #MuniDiaries

This week’s Things on Muni is brought to you by fellow riders @jocelynslai, @bbunnykat, @theEddieH, @faern_me, and @pjrocks. Be like them: Follow @munidiaries on Twitter. You, too, could experience the glory.

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