Sydney transit riders band together with #IllRideWithYou

love on muni

Public transit riders share a very special common bond (hello, “Back door!”). It seems that transit riders everywhere band together whenever there is a need.

Commuters in Australia recently started an amazing campaign called #IllRideWithYou to show solidarity after the hostage crisis in Sydney earlier this week. In this report, we learn that Australian transit riders are offering to ride the train with their fellow Muslim riders who may be scared to be attacked on public transit for fear of retribution.

After a rider tweeted about seeing a Muslim woman removing her hijab on the train, other transit riders on Twitter started offering to ride with their fellow Muslim commuters. The hashtag went viral and there’s been 150,000 tweets with the hashtag in just 12 hours, according to

We know that Muni riders show one another kindness all the time (like in this story of random kindness or this very San Francisco-style sweet gesture). It’s pretty neat to see how this translates across the world.

Photo by @jennifermarielane


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