Muni in 2015: Same as it ever was


What did you expect, that a new year would somehow change the very essence of what it means to ride Muni? Yer too cute.

  • Watching Botox face rub smelly lotion over the hands of her lover, is this actually happenin?! #44
  • lady version of leg spreaders: women who insist on crossing legs on a crowded bus, and KEEP KICKING MY LEG. #SFMuni
  • My child just licked the handrail on the 30. He had a good run. #MuniDiaries #Muni
  • Lose-Lose: Being the person furiously scratching your head & ears on Muni or not-at-all-subtly leaning away from said person.
  • Sitting between a guy in a skull mask and a guy rolling a joint #onlyonmuni

2015’s first Things on Muni is brought to you by your partners in Muni crime @efwjames, @ImekaSF, @abjornsen, @lkroner, and @emflannery1. Follow Muni Diaries on Twitter for a chance at the gold.

Photo by Lynn Friedman.

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