10 Best Sleeping Positions on Muni


If naps have health benefits, these Muni riders are wasting no time in taking advantage of a little shut-eye. Besides, how sweet are these guys in the photo above, catching some Zs while waiting for the bus? (Photo by @sfgiff).

Here are 10 of the best sleeping positions we found of Muni riders getting comfortable on their commute. In fact, most of these peeps look so comfy, what are the chances they sleep through their stop?

10. This stylish gentleman manages to look dapper while dozing.
Photo by msjones_in_sf

9. Too bright? No problem for this RN.
Photo by missponcho

8. Amazing multi-tasking sleeper is charging his iPod and drinking out of a milk carton.
seat sleeper muni
Photo by CrushnTumble

7. I would never let my face touch these BART fabric seats, but that’s just me.
Photo by Tiny Rides

6. Using your luggage to extend the length of your Muni bed? Creative.
Photo by @christa

5. Guess that’s what this fella thinks of college.
Sleep Guy
Photo by Flickr user SFNoob

4. This guy brought in reinforcements. Ridiculous or brilliant?

Photo by @domlive

3. This guy’s gonna wake up with one helluva sore neck.

Photo by @aswong76

2. And the Adorbs Award goes to…
muni sleeping dog by ryan chua
Photo by Ryan Chua

1. Super awkward moment captured for eternity.
Photo by @reidreid46

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