Things on Muni: You and the people you see on the bus


Because we really are all in this together, folks:

  • If you can’t spot the crazy person on #SFMuni, it’s you.
  • guy is getting mad cause nobody is buying his chips on the bus #munidiaries
  • It’s strange to see the #SFMuni driver wearing a bike helmet. Not making me feel good about his driving skills.
  • Girl holding tin box that reads “Human Organ.” Because we’re on #sfmuni, I really don’t doubt its contents.
  • evesdropping on advice on how to grow legal weed & how to open a co-op on #sfmuni this morning. #lifelessonsonthe49

This week’s Things on Muni is brought to you by fellow Muni riders @barry_buck, @anttoekneeeee, @MaryL, @taylorenay, and @mythopoeists. You, too, can contribute over at the Muni Diaries Twitter page.

Photo by Jeremy Brooks

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