Stanley Kubrick loved taking subway pics just like we do

kubrick subway couple photo
Couple catching a nap, by Kubrick, circa 1946

Photo via Danny Howard

Before Stanley Kubrick achieved directorial fame, he loved taking photos of life on public transit, just like you do! In 1947, Kubrick was on assignment for LOOK magazine documenting the intimate life of passengers on the New York City Subway for two weeks. As it turns out, his photos are eerily reminiscent of pictures from Muni Diaries contributors over the years. Here are a few gems:

Reading the newspaper on the subway, by Kubrick, circa 1946:
kubrick newspaper

Reading the newspaper on Muni:
muni newspaper reader
Photo via rmckeon

Fashionable footwear on the subway, by Kubrick, circa 1946:
kubrick subway shoes

Fashionable footwear on Muni:
muni sneakers
Photo by Jessie Johnson

The rest of Kubrick’s subway photos are at Bored Panda, including some adorable 1940s young subway riders. Celebs and public transit riders: They’re just like us!

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