Great pearls of wisdom gleaned from a single Muni ride


Whether it’s an overheard or just someone you spot working life like a champ, there’s a lot to learn on your way from Point A to Point B. Don’t ever say Muni never learned you anything!

  • “They’re not pimps no more. They’re independent contractors.” -woman on the bus #munidiaries
  • Free #sfmuni ride, God is real
  • #SFMuni time runs backwards
  • There was a woman swigging sutter home at 8:46 in the morning on my bus. Girl I feel you. #sfmuni #peopleofmuni
  • “I’ve been drinking beer on Muni for 30 years…. At this point, it’s almost like coffee!” #sfmuni

This week’s Things on Muni was brought to you by your fellow Muni riders @krstn_saldana, @oscar_swagster, @danielofarabica, @TamaraMaries, and @hella_sissy. Follow Muni Diaries on Twitter and add your pennies to the fountain.

Photo by Muni rider Arturo

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