Muni moments that restore our faith in humanity


Setting aside all talk of malodors and defecation for a moment, this week served up many inspiring nuggets witnessed and otherwise experienced on Muni and documented in 140 characters or less. Here’s a list of greatest hits for this week:

  • I witnessed someone bust out sheet music for clarinet or piano for the Moonlight Sonata on #SFMuni. I now have faith!
  • A woman just proposed to her girlfriend on a crowded 24 bus. Couldn’t get a picture but it was really sweet.
  • Something about the Muni 5 line brings out inner DJing desires in ppl. At least today it conjured Marvin Gaye
  • Another NJudah full of schoolchildren. However this time one polite student offered me her seat. Well done, Holy Name School.
  • Never Apologize for rocking out to @NeilDiamond on a muni bus. Ever. #truth

This round of Things on Muni is brought to you by your fellow Muni riders @sarunikai, @neongolden, @thedig, @goldfine, and @TheBrianLake. Wise up and share the love (and hate) on Twitter @munidiaries.

Photo by Brennan Browne

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