A thrilling (but totally un-recommended) way to ride Muni

j riders by ikleytman

Yes, the Muni fare has hiked up to $2.25, but is it really worth it to hitch a ride this way, or am I just engaging in old-person-talk? Wait, don’t answer that. Below are two more thrillseekers we’ve posted in the past, but totally worth revisiting.

Photo above by @ikleytman

Photo by K L

This is a scene right out of Collateral, minus creepy bleached-blonde Tom Cruise:

Photo by Wiggly Giggle

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  • Dexter Wong

    This is a modern version of “Nipping the fender”(the practice of riding the folded cowcatcher on the rear of the boxy vintage streetcars), but it is far more dangerous because the rider is more exposed and is more likely to get hurt in an accident. You take your life into your own hands that way.

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