Muni poetry as coping mechanism


You guys sure are a creative lot. What better way to deal with the existential crisis that is our public transit, I ask?

  • “Lord it’s too crowded, not just this bus. The whole damn world. People need to lighten up!” driver waxing poetic. #SFMuni
  • The 38 is a earthquake test on wheels. Took awhile to even type this tweet. It’s more bumpin’ than a Lil Jon concert.
  • I used to wash my hands after my #sfmuni #NJudah commute. Now, I take a shower and burn my clothes.
  • Smelling like a dive bar is not cute. #Munidiaries
  • #SFMuni haiku: Castro Street Station; The 35-Eureka; Overcrowded train.

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Photo by Brennan Browne

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