Reasons to keep on keepin’ on with Muni


The talk of the town this week was all about that sleek new alternative to Muni as your chariot of choice (and affordability). What better way to show which transit system is clearly superior than our weekly celebration of shit that happens, you guessed it, #onlyonMuni?

  • 7am on the bus heading to work & dude next to me just killed a 40. #MuniDiaries
  • The scene in Breakfast Club where Ally Sheedy shakes her dandruff onto the table? Yeah, just watched someone do that. #SFMuni
  • God damnit. I’m sitting next to the guy who always hand drums on #sfmuni
  • OH on #SFMuni: “He’s super hot, even though he has bad, ‘done in prison’ #tattoos.” #SanFrancisco #Lockup
  • This guy has on waaaay more bronzer than is necessary for SF. Dude, you’ve got stripper tan. #munidiaries

This week’s Things on Muni is brought to you by proud fellow Muni riders @Just_a_SF_girl, @ImekaSF, @SANEofTheFix, @Horsehead102, and @pinkhandgrenade. Do yourself a solid and follow Muni Diaries on Twitter today.

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