‘Only on Muni’ head-scratchers


Sure, there’s a lot of weird shit you see on Muni every day. But in a separate class all by themselves are the one-offs, the things you might experience only once, but things that will leave you scratching your head and saying (out loud or to yourself), “Only on Muni, man.” Indeed.

  • these senior citizens on Muni look like they’re about to punch each other. “Why don’t you shut up,” said the bearded one
  • I don’t even know where I’m going. I got on muni and I don’t wanna get off because I’m lazy to get up.
  • On #SFMuni this morning I witnessed a really intense selfie photo-shoot…
  • This 70+ year-old guy just walked on MUNI with a huge boner tent. Good for him.
  • Saw a smashed burrito on the floor of the 45. Poured out some imaginary salsa for the fallen homie. #RIP

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Photo by David Lytle

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