Muni moments to inspire us all


Sometimes on your way, between points A and B, you see things that make you grateful to be alive. Here are some examples:

  • There are a couple of kids singing “We are the World” on the 5 Muni this morning. What year did I wake up in?
  • saw one rider offer another some hand sanitizer to clean his hands. There is hope!
  • on 14x listening to a play by play of the @BurgerKing menu in the cathartic cadence of a baseball announcer. #haveityourway
  • dude next to me on #SFMuni negotiating drug deal without a care in the world. Whatever it’s probly a legal deal anyway.
  • I love that two little girls on the bus are playing a hand clap game right now

This week’s Things on Muni is graciously provided for you by fellow riders @WatersUSF, @CWCrawlers, @teklex, @abeetley, and @rachelalonso. Follow Muni Diaries on Twitter and share your Muni stories and observations.

Photo by torbakhopper

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