Tellin’ it like it is on Muni


There are hella threads in the fabric of Muni. This week, we chose those that speak the truth. They run the gamut, indeed.

  • Love when the #SFMuni driver calls someone a “numbnuts”. Esp when they are.
  • “Still digging in that purse, huh” is what I’d like to say to girl next to me on #SFMuni but I’ll say it on Twitter instead
  • “Sorry, I threw up a little right there” #thingsyoudontwannahearonthebus
  • listening to intercom messages in #sfmuni stations is sometimes like listening to adults in charlie brown episodes
  • Running to catch #SFMuni: a San Francisco pastime

This edition of Things on Muni is brought to you by fellow Muni riders @sheurich, @imAnnieB, @shazamethyst, @mythopoeists, and @simONErrr. Do your civic duty and share with Muni Diaries on Twitter.

Photo by ki-rose

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