Muni Double Berthing Starts This Sunday


You know that frustrating minute when you’ve arrived at your station and you’re just sitting there waiting for the passengers in the train in front of you to get out? Well, no more of that. Muni is set to start double berthing this Sunday, allowing loading and unloading of passengers of multiple trains at the same time. SFBay’s Jerold Chinn chatted with SFMTA’s Ed Reiskin, director of transportation.

From SFBAy:

Normally, trains inside the Muni Metro have to be in the first position at the station platform to let passengers in and out, which can be a frustrating experience for passengers who can safely get off, but can’t…Though the second train will open its doors in the second position, it will also continue to stop in the first position to pick up and drop off passengers, the transit agency writes on its website.

Double berthing begins in select stations this Sunday. Let us know how it goes for you!

Photo by @sharonhanhdarlin

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