Oh, the things people do and say on Muni


My favorite way to talk about odd shit that happens on Muni is to pass it off as though it were totally normal. Apparently, I am not alone in this:

  • This man gives zero fux. Farts, keeps his leg up🙊 I’m trapped in a corner w terrible ventilation
  • That moment when you’re hungry, and someone gets on the bus w/ 🍕. Can I have a slice or two?
  • That moment the dude next to you is in the process of breaking up with his g/f on the phone. #munidiaries
  • I love when people talk about their jail time and legal strategies on #SFMuni.

This week’s Things on Muni is brought to you by your fellow Muni riders @iemSandy, @ldeap3, @DaneYoshida, and @JeanPodrasky. Contribute your verse by following Muni Diaries on Twitter.

Photo by Lynn Friedman

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