Supes and mayor ride Muni and take selfies in 22-day challenge

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Starting today and for the next 22 days, you can count your city supervisors and even the mayor as fellow Muni riders. Today marks the first day of San Francisco Transit Riders Union’s “22 Day Muni Challenge,” which challenges city officials to ride Muni for 22 days straight just like us. Could there be a Muni Diaries story from one of these supervisors in the near future? We certainly hope so!

In 1993, San Francisco voters passed Proposition AA: “City officials and full-time employees [shall] travel to and from work on public transit at least twice a week.” But the proposition was never enacted upon. The 22-day challenge signifies the 22 years since the proposition passed, according to Ilyse Magy of the SFTRU. The SFTRU even created a leaderboard to track the number of rides of participants using the official hashtag #onboardsf.

Participating supes already started with a slew of Muni selfies, including John Avalos‘ very dramatic ride (known to the rest of us as our daily Muni workout) this morning.

Don’t worry, he made it to work, but we think it might be helpful for Supervisor Avalos to know that he could get a doctor’s note from his Muni operator if all else fails.

Supervisors Scott Wiener and Eric Mar both seem perfectly used to the daily ride.

Supervisor Julie Christensens says she’ll ride all the lines going through her district. May we suggest that these rides could inspire your own tale like this dad and son duo who rode every single line?

Supervisor Jane Kim discovered that sometimes it’s faster to just walk.

According to SFTRU:

Participating officials and citizens will tweet while riding, walking to or from, or waiting for transit every day for those 22 days, posting it to Twitter using the hashtag #OnBoardSF. If they don’t take transit for one of those days, they will tweet their reason why with the same hashtag.

Here are your participating city officials:

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