The Sounds of Muni


Nope, not talking about the sounds that the buses make. This is more a symphony that we bring to our commutes. Using headphones to drown out what’s happening right in front of us. Having someone bust into song spontaneously. The good, the bad. You know the drill.

  • Guy on bus says to girl next to me: “let’s pretend I was your next boyfriend.” Headphone volume: up 5 notches.
  • Got on #SFMuni, accidentally made eye contact with old man. He started singing Wizard of Oz at me.
  • While #SFMuni installs a new bus shelter in #NoeValley, I’m blasting out The Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” to get in the mood
  • ppl the J is not ur personal office where u can take speakerphone calls during ur ride to work!

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Photo by Jim Maurer

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  • Dexter Wong

    What this article is saying that for most Muni riders, my body is here but my mind is far away, grooving on what is coming out of my headphones!

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