Supervisors are just like us (Muni Edition)!

supervisors just like us

Noticed more government types on your daily commute lately? For the last 19 days, some of our city supervisors (and maybe the mayor) have been riding Muni nearly every day as a part of San Francisco Transit Riders Union’s “22 Day Muni Challenge.” Supervisor Scott Weiner is in the lead so far, according to SFTRU’s leaderboard, which is tracking rides of participants who use the official hashtag #onboardsf. The challenge ends Monday, which means the other supes have a few days to really understand what it’s like to be a daily rider.

In 1993, San Francisco voters passed Proposition AA: “City officials and full-time employees [shall] travel to and from work on public transit at least twice a week.” But the proposition was never enforced or acted upon in any way. The 22-day challenge signifies the 22 years since the proposition passed, according to Ilyse Magy of the SFTRU.

Supervisor John Avalos kicked off the Muni challenge in April at the Board of Supervisor, with what some might call a “poem.” The other supervisors, some of them frequent riders and others who might as well be noobs, got the challenge off the ground on June 1 with a series of selfies. Since then, they’ve experienced your typical Muni grind of getting a pickup line, forgetting a Clipper card, and taking surreptitious shoe pics.

Here are some more ways the supervisors took Muni just like us:

They wear baseball caps on bad hair days:

They get awkward pickup lines on Muni:

They take take pictures of their shoes:

They can’t read their Muni stop signage:

They forget their Clipper cards at home:

They are still trying to find the most flattering Instagram filter:

And they trust other riders with their phone, which is not like us at all!)

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