We’re one step closer to solving the mysterious Lady in Red on Muni

victorian lady on muni

Last week, we posted about the beautifully dressed lady in red and wondered: Who is she? The power of internet commenters has gotten us just a little closer to her. From the Muni Diaries Facebook page, Roz says that she may be a member of the Red Hat society. And a few of you said you’ve seen her often at Pier 39. The above photo is by Daniel Johnson. Muni rider betsywanders also saw her waiting to board an LRV:


Rider Anthony says, ” I know this drag performer. She dresses like this every day…in different 1800s fashion if I’m correct. And she frequents the Wharf/Pier 39 daily. Very nice person. I’ve had some great convos with her during summers working the shops at the Wharf.” Rider “Memo-san” says that the lady in red is named Scott and “delights in Union Square.”

While we have a little bit more information about the well-dressed lady, what we can’t seem to agree on is whether this is Victorian or Edwardian fashion! Something about the length of the hemline. Either way, thanks for giving us yet another reason to love living here, dear mystery lady.


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