Spontaneous photoshoot features two ballet dancers who met on Muni

dance lessons on muni

Allison DeBona is a dancer and first soloist with Ballet West. When serendipity put her together in the same Muni Metro with another dancer, of course they spontaneously put together a dance photoshoot on the bus! From Allison:

“When a nice (random) lady decides to direct you in a dance photo shoot on [sic] the Muni. Come to find out she was a graduate of SFB school in the 80s. When offered a job there, she decided getting an educating was more important than dancing professionally and went to college. Random and awesome.”

You gotta love it when things like this happens on Muni, like receiving surprise gift from a passenger or getting some wise life advice from someone who’s been there. Just the other day, I met a woman who was on her way to record a hip-hop documentary. What’s your random run-in with awesomeness on Muni? Our inbox awaits your tales.

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