Best SF Halloween costumes: from Muni stroller to Muni drivers

bus zombies by emma_rkg

Too hung over to recall what happened Saturday night? Let us recap it for you. Here are the best Halloween costumes we saw on Muni this weekend. I threw one in there that’s not actually Halloween, but just another day on Muni. See if you can guess which one.

In the photo above by @emma_rkg, the zombie apocalypse has hit Muni. As expected, other passengers look pretty indifferent.

Tin Man wants candy too. Spotted on the 24-Oz. Photo by @peephole.
24 muni oz halloween by peephole

As if we aren’t already drowning in cute overload, @kwokysan on Twitter sent over this Muni stroller! He says that Muni is his son’s favorite thing on their walks.

muni stroller kwokysan

Another look at the best stroller of the year. Photo by @Chelseavmk.

muni stroller by chelseavmk

This cheery Muni operator is really getting into the spirit of things! Thanks to @abjornsen on Twitter for this gem.

muni driver halloween costume by abjornsen

If the grim reapers need to get somewhere fast, this may not be the best idea. Photo by @alexaspace.

grim reaper by alexaspace

Here comes a really good Alice in Wonderland costume. Photo by @alexaspace.

alice in wonderland by alexaspace

An uncanny Joker who’s going to give me nightmares. Photo by @djchuckywo.
muni joker by djchuckywo

And here’s one creepy costume that’s seared in my brain forever. Photo by Muni rider Lila.

Oh, about that last photo: faked you out, didn’t we? We actually found the photo earlier this month, on Oct. 1, to be exact. You never know if it’s Halloween or just Muni! If we missed your amazingly crafty costume getting from one party to the next, tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @munidiaries to add your handywork.

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