Instagram Photographer Crush: David Root

bart puppy by david root

Instagram is a lot more than pictures of air-brushed macaroons and latte art in soft focus, and every day we meet photographers who do our city proud. Today’s Instagram photographer crush is David Root, who posts carefully selected black and white photos of San Francisco that show the tender and gritty moments we all see, feel, and know daily. We caught up with David to chat about taking photos in San Francisco. Follow him on Instagram at @david_r00t.

How long have you lived in San Francisco and what brings you to SF?

I live in the East Bay (Union City), where I’ve lived for most of my live. I’ve worked in hotels in San Francisco for the last 10 years.

What motivates you to take photos in SF?

The diversity, the spontaneity, and the sheer amount of what in the fuckery.

waiting for muni by david root

priest on the street by david root
What are some memorable moments while taking photos in SF?

Taking photos in the Mission when the Giants won the World Series and the Warriors won the NBA championship were pretty wild.

giants world championship by david root

Do you have a favorite photo you took on or around public transit?

The photo of the dog on a crowded BART train [top] is probably my favorite at the moment.

What have you seen while taking photographs in the city that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise?

I really like the old signage that is disappearing throughout the city. If I wasn’t into taking photos, I probably wouldn’t care.

father and son on bart by david root

shoes on bart by david root

Follow David on Instagram at @david_r00t. If you’re a photographer capturing our little slice of life, or know a photographer whose work you think everyone should know about, tag us on Instagram @munidiaries!

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