Muni station agent surprises kid with birthday gift


Muni station agent Deborah Smith-Ross sees Elijah and his mom come through her station all the time, and when Elijah’s birthday came around, the Smith-Ross got permission from Elijah’s mom to surprise him with a sweet gift.

KTVU’s Frank Sommerville found her post, in which she said:

Meet my friend Elijah, today is his 8th birthday. He comes thru my station daily with his mom going to school. A month ago he told me his birthday was 10/28. Everyday we would count how many days till his big day. Well something was put on my heart to make this day special. I asked his mom if it was OK to give him a gift.

Elijah’s smile says it all.

Muni operators’ random acts of kindness can really make your day. Here’s a couple more:

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